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Add the functionality of PDF to HTML converter to your server or desktop application with a few lines of code. Build your own exclusive PDF to HTML application with a few mouse clicks

· Convert PDF to HTML with the authentic content maintaining;
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· Code the converter in your favorite programming language

Leverage My PDF to HTML – best quality API on the market to convert PDF files to HTML pages

Integrate the functionality of powerful and stable PDF to HTML converter to your application with a few lines of C#, Java, PHP, VB.NET or Python code

PDF2HTML pdf2html = new PDF2HTML();
pdf2html.ConvertToHTML(inputFileName, outputFileName, "", 0, -1);
catch(PDF2HTMLException ex)

Cozy GUI to generate the code

Generate PDF to HTML code with many different settings online or use API’s Graphical User Interface to create complete code for PDF to HTML application with a couple of clicks

Precise conversion and styles preservation

My PDF to HTML API maintains the contents of the PDF files when converted into HTML page, including fonts, multi-column pages, tables and graphics

Improved stability and error handling

API allows developing robust, multi-threaded systems that can be leisurely scaled for enterprise-class applications that work with no stops

Employ My PDF to HTML API’s multiple features to develop a capable PDF to HTML converter

My PDF to HTML comes with the variety of properties and methods to support the development of an enterprise-level desktop or server application in C#, Java, PHP, VB.NET or Python

Save fonts and page fitting

PDF font is mapped to the appropriate system font, formatting is adjusted to make PDF page content fit HTML page accurately

Convert graphics authentically

My PDF to HTML API adapt all graphics genuinely and places it accurately on the HTML page

Word to PDF Converter API by PDFOnline

Convert multi-column documents

Single-column and multi-column pages transform accurately to the equivalent structures. Text flow is preserved as well

Identify and transfer tables

PDF table structures are detected and converted to identical HTML tables with high precious

Develop your own exclusive PDF to HTML converter with 5 simple steps

Develop custom PDF to HTML converter with no coding at all. Add a unique blend of settings with a few mouse clicks:

1. Download free My PDF to HTML API trial;

2. Lunch PDF to HTML Explorer to generate the code; 

3. Choose C#, Java, PHP, VB.NET or Python programing language; 

4. Add the settings you need to transfer .pdf to .html; 

5. Click a button to build an executable file OR Copy the code to add it to your application code.

Build your own unique PDF to HTML application in minutes. Download PDF to HTML API and start a free trial now!

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